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Digitakt Sample Pack [+ Demo]

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I've been working hard on my website during the past months to create a one-stop experience for music creators, producers and future musicians.

I have developed individual coaching sessions, a Digitakt Online Class, live sessions on YouTube and now another piece of the puzzle is being added: My Sample Store is finally online!

My packs will focus mostly on Ambient, Drones and Minimal sounds, and so does the first collection that's now available: "Stretched Reality".

The sounds in this samplepack are created from snapshots of my everyday life that have been reshaped into fascinating texture loops. Perfect for creating drones and soundscapes!

Each sound has been carefully selected, looped and optimized. The loops are designed for a speed of 112 BPM and 4 bars length, thus they don't consume much Digitakt memory (yes, that's an issue!).

Watch the Demos

My last studio session showcases some of the included samples. You can watch the video below, and the full jam that came out of this session is available as well.

Download Samplepack

You can get this pack in my store or, when you purchased one of the memberships, (single 1:1 sessions are excluded) you can download it right here (after login).

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