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OUT NOW: "Minimal City Vol. 1"

Happy Release day everyone! Today, our label "Petite Victory Collective" officially released its very first compilation "Minimal City Vol. 1"! You can download the album on the label's bandcamp page now.

"Minimal City Vol. 1" offers 13 fascinating minimalistic house, ambient and electronic tracks that are connected by using sound material taken in the city.

My contribution to this amazing collection is titled "Home", a pure Digitakt performed track. I've choosen the title mainly because the progression reminded me of some kind of "coming home" feeling.

Here's the complete tracklist of the album:


01. ITEM - Copenhagen I Love You

02. hthev - Transilien

03. 59 Perlen - Home

04. Wall Brown - Drive My Way

05. Audible Void - Time 59

06. Alpha Moud - Perimeters


07. Rupture // Rapture - Leaving

08. Kongodoom - The City Is A Desert

09. Captain Ghostnote - City 59 (Don't Follow The Lights)

10. Silence Castor - Glass & Steel

11. Big City Studios - Planète Bleue

12. Atlas Castle - The Maroni Bar

13. Hiss Quiet - Relic

If you're wondering why many of the titles include a "59" :) It's because these tracks include material taken from my sample pack "Citylights".

Learn how to make your own house music with the Digitakt!

This track is a pure Digitakt performance and I can show you how you can do it yourself! Have a look on my Digitakt Online Class - a video course focussed on creating house tracks with the Digitakt. It covers LFOs, Arrangement, Performing, Digitakt FX and many other interesting topics!

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