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The perfect stand for Elektron Digitakt performances

I never liked the Millenium bs-500 speaker stands that came with my JBL Pro monitors much. Well, they did their job.

But recently I realized that they make a pretty damn good stand for my Digitakt performances as well! Because I was unhappy with the solutions I had before - I used a little old desk, tried some boards and so on, but it all looked "unprofessional" and not very stylish. Plus, I produce my performances mostly in my little bedroom where the space is very limited.

So I had the hilarious idea of using the monitor stand for the Elektron machine and it is awesome! They have a perfect size, adjustable height, a pair of 2 is pretty affordable and they have a simple, yet minimalistic appearance. Plus I have a second one for the Digitone as well 🤩🎈❤️

You can see this solution in my latest Digitakt live performance, I really love the simplicity of it. What stands do you use for performances? I‘m curious for other suggestions.

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