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Pre-Order 59 Perlen´s new Dubtechno Album now

59 Perlen - Forget About The Music (Vinyl Album)

59 Perlen is pleased to announce the start of pre-sales for his new album "Forget About The Music" today.

The album is a sonic exploration of ambient, minimal and dubtechno, featuring the typical textures that define 59 Perlen's signature sound. The often minimalist tracks expertly narrate stories that remain danceable, showcasing 59 Perlen's ability to craft music that transcends genres.

Release formats

The vinyl release comes with 6 tracks and also includes a digital download with additional songs.

As a special feature, the digital release includes a 15-minute drone performance entitled "Darkness", which is only available exclusively on Bandcamp and the website and won´t be released on the regular streaming platforms.

With this move, alternative distribution platforms receive special weighting in 59 Perlen´s release strategy and underlines the importance of these platforms.

Tracklists of the Dubtechno release

Vinyl Release:


01 The Worst Thing To Live Without (4:23 min)

02 Empire (4:20 min)

03 Drift (5:43 min)


01 Swim To You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work) (4:52 min)

02 Horizon (6:53 min)

03 Leaving (6:26 min)

Tracklist Digital Release Bandcamp &

01 The Worst Thing To Live Without (4:23 min)

02 Empire (4:20 min)

03 Drift (5:43 min)

04 Transfiguration (4:58 min)

05 Swim to You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work) (4:51 min)

06 Golden Glow (6:07 min)

07 Horizon (6:52 min)

08 Leaving (6:26 min)

09 Darkness (Bonus Drones) (15:08 min)

Release and Pre-Order timeline

Pre-Order of "Forget About The Music" is now open on both Bandcamp page and The album will release on January 12 on Shady Ridge Records.

Promo Video

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