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[Update] 'Forget About The Remix' releasing May 3rd, includes 15 tracks

Updated: Apr 23

59 Perlen 'Forget About The Remix' Artwork
59 Perlen 'Forget About The Remix' Artwork

Happy easter my friends! If you are following my community remix event, today's the final day :D The music industry often holds remix contests, where artists can showcase their skills in reimagining existing compositions. Recently, a unique event called "Forget About The Remix" created a buzz within the 59 Perlen community. This competition promised to be an exciting display of talent and ingenuity.

About the remix contest

The premise was straightforward yet captivating. Participants were given a free sample pack derived from 59 Perlen's 2024 album "Forget About The Music." Armed with these sonic elements, the remixers were tasked with crafting their own unique interpretations. The anticipation grew as the March 22, 2024 deadline approached.

As the submissions poure­d in, ranging from diverse to expe­rimental, 59 Perlen care­fully examined each e­ntry. Among them were outstanding re­mixes whose inte­rpretations brought fresh perspe­ctives to the original material.

59 Perlen Remix Competition
59 Perlen Remix Competition

The remixers and the final results

Users could vote for their favourite track in the comments of this instagram post. Only comments with a clear selection of 1 track where counted. All in all, I counted 62 votes for the 8 tracks and the clear winner is Jan Steiner with his extraordinary version of 'Swim to You'. Congratulations!

Here are the final results.


Jan Steiner (IR) 31 votes - Jan will receive a vinyl copy of the original album 'Forget About The Music'

Also winners:

Too Rare (US) 17 votes

The Fence Sitters (US) 4 votes

Nogasayan (DE) 1 vote

Inoba (SE) 5 votes

Sounds from Head (PL) 2 votes

Office Dub (AR) 0 votes

Telofoils (SE) 2 votes

59 Perlen - Original Album 'Forget About The Music'
59 Perlen - Original Album 'Forget About The Music'

All remixes are a winner

However, what happened next was surprising yet enjoyable. Instead of choosing a single track to be include­d on 59 Perlen's upcoming album 'Forget About The Remix', he made a bold decision to feature all eight tracks on a special community edition of the longplayer that will exclusively release on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

This move not only highlights the diversity of talent but also underscores the collaborative spirit of the music community and 59 Perlens appreciation of the remixers passion and effort.

As we eagerly await the unveiling of these musical treasures, one thing is certain: 'Forget About The Remix' has transcended being just a competition; it has become a celebration of ingenuity, unity, and the boundless possibilities of music.

Release date and formats

'Forget About The Remix' releases on May 3rd.

The streaming edition features remixes by Miles Kvndra, Keef Luv, Verstreift, Big City, Riigs and a collaboration with Ingeborg.

The Bandcamp and SoundCloud formats will also include the 8 additional community remixes by Jan Steiner, Too Rare, The Fence Sitters, Nogasayan, Inoba, Sounds from Head, Office Dub, Telofoils.

HUGE Kudos to all 8 guys who put so much work and effort in this project, and also to everyone who voted and supported their favorite producer!

[Update April 23, 2024]

Listening party and pre-order

The album is now online for pre-order on Bandcamp and on May 1st, we will celebrate the release with a pre-release listening party. RSVP here.

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