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Unleash Your Creativity and enter 59 Perlen's Remix Contest

“Forget About The Music” Remix Contest

Calling all music enthusiasts, producers, and remix wizards! The stage is set, the challenge is on, and the spotlight is yours. 59 Perlen invites you to participate in the "Forget About The Music" remix contest, a unique opportunity to showcase your talent and become part of a community-driven musical endeavor.

The heart of this remix contest lies in the exclusive sample pack titled "Forget About The Samples," provided as a free download on 59 Perlen's website. This pack, carefully curated by the artist himself, serves as the building blocks for your tracks.

Content Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: March 22nd

  • Genre: House, Dubtechno. Minimal

  • Sample Pack: "Forget About The Samples" (download here)

  • Track Length: Minimum 3 minutes, maximum 8 minutes

  • Conditions: Your track must incorporate samples from the provided pack

The Original Album

“Forget About The Music” 2024 Vinyl Release

"Forget About The Music" was released on January 12 on digital and physical format. It's a sonic exploration of ambient, minimal and dubtechno, featuring the typical textures that define 59 Perlen's signature sound. The often minimalist tracks expertly narrate stories that remain danceable, showcasing 59 Perlen's ability to craft music that transcends genres.

The Sample Pack

59 Perlen “Forget About The Samples” Samplepack

Packed with a whopping 125 unique and captivating loops, this pack delivers a diverse selection of sounds from the following album tracks:

1) The Worst Thing To Live Without

2) Empire

3) Horizon

4) Drift

5) Golden Glow

6) Swim To You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work)

The sounds are looped, speed-labeled and the .WAV files can be used in all hardware grooveboxes and common DAWs - use whatever you inspires you most!

The Judging Process

All submissions will be showcased within a dedicated blog post on 59 Perlen's website and across social media platforms. Of course, artists are free to post jams on their socials as well.

The 59 Perlen community is encouraged to cast their votes for their favorite remixes. The three tracks with the highest votes will be reviewed by 59 Perlen, who will then select one or more standout remixes to be featured on his upcoming album, "Forget About The Remix."

Prize of the Remix Contest

As a token of appreciation, the winning remix contributor will receive a signed vinyl copy of 59 Perlen's original album, "Forget About The Music," released in January 2024 - on top the album inclusion.

Release Date

Mark your calendars! The remix album, aptly named "Forget About The Remix," is set to drop early May 2024.

How to Participate

How to participate in the Remix Contest

2. Craft your remix, incorporating samples from the pack - ideally in the genre of Dubtechno, Minimal or Melodic House, but that's not a must

3. Submit your track before the March 22nd deadline to

4. Share your work on socials, tag 59 Perlen and stay tuned for the blog post featuring all submissions and cast your vote for your favorites within the 59 Perlen community.

Example Remix by 59 Perlen


59 Perlen is excited looking forward to the results of this contest and can't wait to hear what you will do with the samples!

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