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Sonic Playground 2023 - Dub Techno Liveset and so much more

On Saturday, November 25 i had the pleasure to play a gig at “Sonic Playground 2023” in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was organized by our community and label Petite Victory Collecitve in collaboration with Italien label Telavivi Records.

It still seems to me - as my friend Nicola noted - like coming back from a trip to the moon and I am so thankful for all the lovely folks showing up and danced with me and the other artists. Compated to the 2022 edition, we ramped up the entire location by adding a smoke machine, laser lights and projectors with visuals created by our mastermind Atlas Castle.

Dawless gear heaven

I love 3D scans and so I did with the impressive pile of gear build up by the performers. It seemed like a little Superbooth to see the newest machines beside classic groove boxes and things you never saw before.

My set was Elektron only - Analog Four MKII, Analog Rytm MKII, Analog Heat FX. Bang.

The lineup

This years lineup was huge! Starting with drums from Andy Wiseman and Dance tunes from Rome in Reverse (both Telavivi Records), our friend Sholinger continued with an impressive Techno set, followed by my Dub Techno set. Then the Copenhagen crew took over: they teamed up with 2 duos and 1 group of 3, delivering 3 unique live jam sets. Second Sun with Songs from Tin Pan Alley, Atlas Castle with Item and Wilk Kick, and finally Yukio Bergholdt with Borenstein. In total, we played 6 hours of music.

Video recap

My Dub Techno set recording

Photo recap

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