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SP Sessions Zurich Spring - Recap of the Live Act Event on March 30

Calck. 59 Perlen, Nogasayan, Miles Kvndra, Deega
Calck. 59 Perlen, Nogasayan, Miles Kvndra, Deega

On 30 March the time had come! After the test balloon event at the beginning of January 2024, the first edition of the 'SP Sessions Zurich' took place as the 'Spring' Edition. Over 45 guests enjoyed an exuberant live act event with finest electronic music and a relaxed atmosphere in Zurich's vibrant Glattpark neighbourhood.

The story behind the Live Act Event

The unique standout feature of the 'SP Sessions' event series is clearly the artist line-up. Rather than DJs, the focus is set on Live acts, each playing for around 45 minutes.

"I want to offer unknown artists a platform to perform their music live and network with other musicians," says 59 Perlen. The event is ment to be the little local brother of 'Sonic Playground', a yearly artist showcase event hosted by Petite Victory Collective, the label that also presents 'SP Sessions Zurich'.

The event takes place every 3 months and in each edition 59 Perlen presents a new lineup with international and local newcomer artists.

STRØM - Episode 18 Special Edition

STRØM is a monthly show hosted by Atlas Castle and 59 Perlen, designed to give a space for chilling while discovering hidden gems. Each episode contains a fine selection and mix of Electronic music tracks of different sub-genres: Minimal house, dark electronic, ambient, surrealist, DAWless, techno and on. Electronic music with a story to tell.

The March edition featured the line-up of the SP Sessions Zurich event - each artist explained his setup and selected a track that was presented.

Lineup Live Acts

The spring edition of SP Sessions Zurich naturally also offered a varied programme.

Music was provided by Deega (IT), Calck (IT), Nogasayan (DE), Miles Kvndra (DE) and 59 Perlen (CH), and the performance artist Bernardo San Rafael (CR/DE) offered a fantastic dance performance. Read more about the artists in this blogpost.

Deega (IT)

Calck (IT)

Bernardo San Rafael (CR/DE)

Nogasayan (DE)

59 Perlen (CH)

Miles Kvndra (DE)


The guests from Zurich and neighbouring towns such as Lucerne and Basel were delighted. 'There is nothing like this in Zurich', 'Great atmosphere', 'I'm already looking forward to the next edition' were just some of the many positive feedbacks. Thanks a lot for the lovely words everyone!


Copyright Inge Zinsli

SP Sessions Zurich: Summer

SP Sessions Zurich

The summer edition of the SP Sessions Zurich will take place on 29 June 2024. The confirmed line-up includes TimMey (DE), Three Coloured Squares (NL), Inoba (SE) and 59 Perlen (CH). Admission is free again, drinks and snacks are offered. As this is still a private event, registration is open now, required for entry and can be done here.

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