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SP Sessions Zurich Summer - Recap of the Live Act Event on June 29

SP Sessions Summer Edition with Inoba, Three Colored Squares, Timmey and 59 Perlen

On June 29, electronic music enthusiasts gathered at Czechin Glattpark in Opfikon, Switzerland, for a Live Act Event night full of mesmerizing beats and unforgettable performances. The event showcased an impressive line-up of four talented electronic music artists, presented by label Petite Victory Collective from Danmark: Inoba (SE), Three Colored Squares (NL), Timmey (DE) and 59 Perlen (CH), each bringing their unique sound and energy to the stage.

The Venue: Czechin Glattpark

Nestled in the heart of Opfikon, Czechin Glattpark provided again the perfect backdrop for this unique event. The venue’s modern design and spacious layout allowed for an immersive experience. The space is normally used as a cultural centre for the hood, but eventually given to small parties like this one.

SP Sessions Zurich Summer Edition

The Line-Up: A true Live Act Event

Inoba (SE)

Inoba from Malmö (Sweden) opened the night with his beautiful soundscapes  between downtempo electronica, trip-hop and melodic techno.

Three Colored Squares (NL)

Next up, Amsterdam-based producer Andrey Ozornin aka Three Colored Squares combined northern grim and darkness with hope and naïvety in sincere melodic compositions. He made all his music in a DAWless way on portable digital devices, although his music stays pronouncedly humane.

59 Perlen (CH)

Zurich based performer and producer Matthias Rosenkranz aka 59 Perlen was next with a tiny but shiny setup of Erica Synth gear he delivered a 40 minute set of pure dance music, walking outside his usual paths of ambient house and dub techno.

Timmey (DE)

Closing the night was Timmey, who brought a perfect blend of deep house and progressive beats.

The seamless transitions and infectious rhythms had the crowd moving until the very last note, ending the event on a high note.

Audience Experience

The attendees were a mix of dedicated music enthusiasts fans and curious people coming from near and far, all united by their love for electronic live music. Even football matches and the great hiking weather let the energy in the room be very palpable, with many attendees sharing their excitement and appreciation for the performances.


The June 29 event at Czechin Glattpark was a resounding success, leaving attendees with memories of an incredible night of music and community. A big thank you to the involved artists who took a long way to Zurich and also to everyone who attended.

Watch out for the Autumn Edition on Sep 28

The adventure doesn´t end here! The next event will take place on September 28 with another great lineup feat. Draaht (CH), Jerogi (CH), Under Red Skies (DK), 59 Perlen (CH) and Bernardo San Rafael (CR / DE). More info about the event and RSVP here.

The Autumn edition will also feature an Open Stage hour for everyone who wants to bring a piece of gear and have fun. Contact Matthias for more info.

Gallery and photos

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