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Unlock your creativity with this free online course on "How to Finish a Track"

Music production is now more accessible than ever thanks to the digital era. Aspiring musicians and producers can easily enter the field of music production thanks to the strong software and hardware that is widely available.

The completion of their music is a problem that many artists deal with, though. Thoughts come to you easily, and creativity abounds, yet it can be difficult to turn those initial sparks into polished works. In light of this frequent difficulty, I´m delighted to present a free online course called "How to Finish a Track."

For producers, songwriters and creatives

"How to Finish a Track" was created to give music producers, songwriters, and fans alike more authority. This 6-part workshop seeks to give participants the practical direction, inspiration, and methods they need to get through creative obstacles and lead them toward finishing their musical projects.

This course is designed to accommodate a wide range of ability levels, whether you're a novice trying to hone your talents or an experienced producer seeking new views. Every third day you will get a new approach on finishing your music that you can adopt and try out.

The class is entirely free, so why not give it a try?

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