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Weekly Live Stream: Working on new tracks

As every Wednesday, I'll go live on my YouTube Channel tonight and work on new music. The focus of today's stream will be less on sophisticated arranging, but simply on having fun with quick and simple pattern production. I have pre-produced many, many samples and loops in the last few days, which I will use to make rapid arrangements in a short time .

I will work mainly with the Elektron Digitakt for this set, using the Loopback feature (well, that's at least my plan!). Watch it here on YouTube.

Elektron Digitakt production weekly live sessions

I broadcast my studio sessions every Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm CET. I will work with Digitakt, Digitone, Oktatrack and my other synths on different tracks and breakdowns. Resources and files used in the show will be available after the broadcast ended in the description. Jump in, I'm always in the live chat as well!

Learn how to make your own house music with the Digitakt!

Have a look on my Digitakt Online Class! It's a video course focussed on creating tracks with the Digitakt. It covers LFOs, Arrangement, Performing, Digitakt FX and many other interesting topics!

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