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59 Perlen to join Keef Luv's "Deeeep Luv" Radioshow

"Deeep Luv" is the name of the radio show where I will be presenting a montly non-stop mix of my best jams starting Monday, April 12 at 9pm CET.

"Deeep Luv is hosted by Keev Luv, a classically trained flautist, accomplished self-taught bassist and a keen synth player, Keef Luv's first and only true love was music.

Mr. Luv is also a distinguished producer of Chillout (Antarctica Chill Zone), Funky House (FutureLight) and Tech (Keef Luv).

His productions have reached the top of the ReverbNation charts with Slave (Antarctica Chill Zone) and enjoys both a loyal SoundCloud and Mixcloud following.

I already had a show with Keev Luv in November 2020 and now I'm allowed to provide the listeners of "The One Ibiza" radio station with my music on a regular basis.

Listen to the show here - subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media to get informed about future shows!

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