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Minimalhouse on Elektron Digitakt, Digitone and Novation Peak

Happy Easter guys! This week I'm a little late with my Jam but I still hope you gonna like it. This arrangement was meant to be a demonstration of a new sample pack I'm currently working on, with an idea of a very reduced Micro Set. But once again it ended in something completely different ... the gear really seduces me.

Not sure what do think about, maybe you can tell me. For this session, I used the #Digitakt, #Digitone, #ModelSamples and the #NovationPeak, I think you can clearly hear the part of the Peak :)

For my next Jams, I will fully go for the Digitakt again and create something very different.

Btw. I titled the track "Resonance". The samples I wanted to try out were made using resonances, but well I don't use them but I didn't change the name of the track LOL. More on this soon.

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