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59 Perlen presents "Minimal Pearls"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

"Minimal house is characterised by a regular 4/4 rhythm with a bass drum on each quarter. The tempo typically ranges between 115 and 130 BPM. The mostly instrumental tracks consist mainly of rhythm elements, which are used very sparsely and purposefully. The structure is often complemented by hypnotisingly monotonous and disharmonic, atonal synthesiser chords."

Less is more, and that's the spirit behind minimal music. Not that big lead that screams for attention, not that huge drop that lets you freak out. It's often the missing parts that creates the vibe of minimal house. And that's exactly what I think makes this genre extremely interesting and exciting: to hear what you can't hear, what's inbetween the notes.

I will update the list regulary with Minimal and Deep House tracks in the future. You can submit your track here:

If you want, give the list a heart so you get automagically informed when I add new tracks.

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