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Dawless Dubtechno Jam /w Elektron Analog Four MKII

It has been a while since I wrote a blogpost, but here we go again! After a phase of intense work jobs and live shows, I finally got the time to get back to dawless music production. The main reason might be a new synth that I purchased some time ago, the Elektron Analog Four MKII. I gonna write a dedicated post about this monster synth soon, for now you can just enjoy the new jams coming.

And here´s the first one - I call these "bad weather jams" that I created last weekend when it was rainy and cold here in Zurich. I titled it "Empire". Or better, ChatGPT choose the title haha Well. The main aim was to to get used to the performance knobs of the A4. The 4 voices are used to create those deep dub chords. They play a rather usual little chord progression, modulated by a couple of parameters. The Rytm delivers the drums and some spice texture elements. The Lyra-8 (not in sight) plays some Big Sky reverberated strings (one of the use cases that I think he's pretty usable for regular productions like this one), but these sounds could actually be replaced with some samples (coz, man, this synth is heavy stuff and too much for my luggage!).

Oh yes and the other thing is, I want to make a 1 hour set with the 2 analogs only, so I frequently create new patterns with it. I have already 4 :D

If you ask yourself why I go back to dawless after praising Ableton as my new to-go environment: I was missing the directness and the productivity that I had with my previous setups. As much as Ableton is powerful and it can solve many problems for traveling or flexibility, I just don't get tracks finished with it (one of my old problems that I have with DAWs.). So yes, here we are. Stay tuned for more tracks.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I uploaded a couple of new videos on my Youtube, so check the channel if you missed them.

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