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Music producer diary - Week 44

Finally I get to write my diary again. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks - illness was unfortunately omnipresent, so I wasn't as active as I wanted to be and therefore only today an update of my diary appears again. Still a lot happened - here we go!

The unpleasant things first

Let's start with the less nice things. I had a vaccination and because of that I was out of action for a couple of days. Even after that I had to pull myself together to get creative and make some music at all.

To make things worse, I broke my toe while watching TV. Stupid. Constant pain doesn't necessarily encourage to be active as well.

New Music

But I'm doing better and In the meantime and last Sunday I released a very cool Dubhouse jam on YouTube. Or better, I made a little release out of it! The track is available on Bandcamp, my Discography and Soundcloud as well and performed quite well on YouTube.

The cover of the track ("Pink Furry Monster") was created with AI software:

In general, this song marks the direction in which I want to make music in the future. It feels like a classic 59 Perlen track but adding new Dubhouse elements - it´s simply magical and this track, among others, will be part of my November set (see below).

Booking Management

For a while I've been doing some kind of booking management on a weekly basis and I regularly send out applications to bars and other venues. In the meantime I could achieve some small successes for 2023!

Besides a gig in a bar near Zurich I could also get the participation in a small festival for electronic music in England. Both is not yet 100% ready to speak, so I can unfortunately not yet give details.

Sonic Playground in Copenhagen

When talking about "gigs" I have to think of the November event with my label "Petite Victory Collective" of course. It's hard to believe but the event will already take place in 3,5 weeks!

So the next important thing for me to do is to finish the live set. Some tracks are already written, others will be added shortly. I had a little concert at home the other day, so I already have some tracks finished and some new ones are already to get finished as well (the dubhouse track mentioned above is also one of them).

I still have to integrate them into the live set - that will happen by the end of next week, and until I leave, I will rehearse the hell out of the set. There are a few friends coming with me, so I'm really looking forward to this event.

Our new cat moved in

Last but not least, something super cute! "Rocco" has moved in with us, a totally adorable, social and beautiful cat that was abandoned in the city of Dubai and is now settling in with us. We wanted a cat again for a long time but only now it worked out and it seems like Rocco feels already quite comfy with us.

How was your week guys?

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