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Dawless Jam Session with Elektron Model:Samples and Digitakt

It turned out that my videos get the best exposure on Saturday night, so here's this weeks Jam, a sweet dub ambient house pattern. Once again, made with Elektron Model:Samples and the Digitakt. Unfortunately, there is misfunction on the MS which keeps track 2 playing reversed, even when I switch it back to normal mode - after a short while it goes back to reverse mode (you see it a couple of times in the video). If any of you guys has a fix for this, I'd more than happy to get to know these in the comments below as It appears also with other patterns I saved in the same project. Strange.

Anyways, the track is even cool with track 2 playing backwards hehe I am using a couple of layered pad sounds on the Digitakt to shape a texture. There are also some loops I found in the library and re-played them at a different speed, they make a nice feeling (especially during the intro and outdo parts). I also use the Midi Loopback feature of the Digitakt to modulate the FX parameters.

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