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Dawless Slow House Jam

This week's jam is a piece that I will perform with a company of contemporary dance performance in the city of Stralsund in August. It's part of a 1 hour installment and I really can't wait to see the dancers vibe to it. The track is titled "Phase 4".

The director's requirement was to produce a tribal, yet driving track that builds up as the performance progresses at a low speed of max. 100bpm. In the actual performance, of course, the track will be different - namely, tailored to the dancers. That's what makes this project special and very exciting.

Gear I used for this Dawless Jam

Since the space in my travel luggage is limited, I tried to use only a few machines (but I failed haha). I choosed Analog Rytm as the sampler, it plays drums, the basslines, as well as all the samples. The Novation Peak lays a pad soundscape that is run through an Empress Compressor, sidechained by the Kick. The PerFourMer plays a super simple groove pattern on 3 synth strips, spiced up by Strymon Big Sky reverb, and everything is controlled by the Pyramid. I guess I need to book some extra luggage :D

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