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Out now: "Music For Tension", a pure ambient score

As some of you might noticed, I have a huge fable for ambient music and creating scores for theatre and art projects. In fact, I'm currently working on a couple of new projects and it seems that this kind of music will play a big role for the future of 59 Perlen.

An EP for a contemporary art project

"Tension HST" is one of these projects. It's an installative performance that connects the body with urban space. The body of the performers is connected to the environment through hundreds of threads. This living installation is an examination of urban space, current distance conditions and interpersonal relationships, which are nowadays under enormous tension due to the Corona crisis. We are interdependent, cohesion has become a matter of distance and yet we want to remain an individual.

I created a collection of soundscapes for this unique installation, each of them reflects another side of tension. The tracks got released on an EP titled "Music For Tension" today and you can stream it on my Website and my Bandcamp page.

Experience the music in action and see how magical the performers interact with it during the premiere on 11.6.2021 8pm CET!

Director and producer: Bernardo San Rafael

Performers: Sylvie Cieren Francesca Perrucci Camila Scholtbach

Video and post production: Camille Berthelin

Costumes: Ars Handmade

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