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Producer talk with 'Electronic Music Pills'

Electronic Music Producer 59 Perlen performs his set

My friend Emanuele aka 'S-Now' invited me to an interview about electronic music production and since I know him for a long time, I was more than happy to say 'yes' and share some insights with his audience. The following is an excerpt, you can read the full interview on Emanuele's website 'Electronic Music Pills'.

About Signature Sound and Texture Design in my Electronic Music

Q: Can you walk us through your process for creating your unique sounds and textures? Do you rely heavily on specific samplers, synthesis techniques (FM, wavetable, etc.), or granular synthesis?

A: My Plugins to go are the Ableton Live stock plugins. I chain up the usual candidates and add a lot of dirt and noise with Abletons generators (Saturator, Overdrive, Redux, you name them) and I put lots of LFOs on these to get the track evolving, mostly with super low rates. Beside the Live stock algorithms, I use "Dub Machines" delay and reverb VSTs. They have a great sound and give excellent textures.

About my production workflow

Q: How do you structure your production sessions to maximise creativity and efficiency?  Do you use any specific templates or project organisation techniques?

A: I will mostly sit down with a little setup (Ableton / Push or a piece of other hardware) and reserve 1 hour of time. This hour is simply about music writing - melodies, rythms, Hooks. To get started, I have some racks pre-saved for a few common elements (kick, hats, claps etc). I can quickly throw in these racks and make a 4/4 kick pattern without the need to search for samples, so I can really focus on the melody writing part.

About my inspiration sources

Q: When inspiration strikes, how do you capture your musical ideas and translate them into a full track? 

A: I have different sources of inspiration. One is my sample library and my splice subscription. If I really have no idea, this will most likely deliver some. But I also get a lot if inspiration through some pre-defined Ableton Audio Racks. I have nearly 30 with dub techno stabs, if I don’t know what to I start playing with these. Also new software is inspiration to me. And everything that’s new in general - new hardware, for instance.

The full interview was originally published on Electronic Music Pills

About 'Electronic Music Pills'

Emanuele DelBono

Electronic Music Pills is a periodic publication about electronic music, hosted by Emanuele DelBono. Emanuele writes about techniques, gears, genres, styles, music producers for those who want to jump on the music production wagon. He already published about sound design, books, history and music genres.

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