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Review: 2021 - Year of the Digitakt

In just a few hours, 2021 will be history and we look forward to another 12 months full of Corona and other surprises.

And what can I say, 2021 was an extremely productive and important year for my musical progress. I was able to gain my first business experiences with my online course around Digitakt, I successively expanded my website with new features and, most importantly, I produced music. A lot of music!

In this post I summarize some thoughts around my releases.

Garagen (January 2021)

Things started off right in January with the EP "Garagen", which I produced in collaboration with my good friend Atlas Castle from Denmark. Actually, we wanted to hold a live event in the fall of 2020. But the Corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works so it never happened. Nevertheless, we wanted to stick to our idea and "Garagen" is the result in form of a Digitakt performed EP, which we also held as an online event.

When Left Alone (February 2021)

Right after "Garagen" I continued the release parade with my first album "When Left Alone", also my first release on "Shady Ridge Records". Actually it is not an album with its 5 tracks, but the running time is so long that it was marketed as such. The album is still the one with the most streams ever and atmospherically very dense - and, like all productions of the first half of the year, Digitakt only.

Texture (April 2021)

It went on stroke by stroke and as a direct successor of "When Left Alone" came the EP "Texture" on "Petite Victory Collective". Special about this one is the fact that it was the very first release ever on the new label of Atlas Castle and above all that this was again a surprise release that was not planned at all.

Home (August 2021)

After a little summer break, "Home" was released, another 4-track EP, completely made with the Digitakt (what else). It contains a special track titled "Pearl" - a beautiful chillout balad I produced in the Swiss Alps.

Abendrot (59 Perlen Remix) (September 2021)

Remixes were also on my agenda! This one is my version of the track "Abendrot" by German act "Verstreift". I developed and produced the remix completely on my Dawless setup and also performed it live during my set "Dust".

10 Years gone (October 2021)

Another collaboration with Atlas Castle and at the same time the opener of his debut album "When there is nowhere else to run". Super proud of this production! The track is also a remix so to speak, which I also performed during the event "Dust".

Made of Dust (October 2021)

My last EP of 2021 contains 2 remixes - in return of my two versions of Verstreift and Atlas Castle they both remixed the title track of this EP. I also shot a beautiful video with the artist Bernardo San Rafael from Zurich for the single version of "Made of Dust".

Dust (November 2021)

Absolute highlight of the year was the presentation of my 1 hour set "DUST"! Besides the already mentioned remixes, It contains 7 more tracks I played live. It was the first time ever that I developed so many songs in a context and it was also a great and very intensive experience.

Melt (November 2021)

My contribution to the 2nd compilation of the label "Petite Victory Collective" closes the year.

In addition to these releases, the year also saw various engagements for performance art projects for which I produced scores and soundscapes.

Phew. Quite a lot! And an album is already planned for 2022 - so you can be curious about what will happen next. Thanks to all who believe in me and my music <3

What was your favorite release of mine in 2021? Let me know in the comments!

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