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Sample Pack for Digitakt and Polyend Tracker: "Sounds From The Wrist"

Come with me on a fascinating journey into sounds that where randomly taken and get lots of fresh inspiration with the new "Sounds from the Wrist" samplepack!

All recordings in this pack have been taken at different locations by randomly activating a recording app on my Apple Watch. I noticed these recordings by coinsidence one day and figured that they'd make some cool samples on my Digitakt. So I've choosen the most interesting files, chopped out the best hot spots and polished them just a little for better usage.

All samples are mono and due to the rather low quality of the watch microphone, they all have lots of noises included. This gives the whole sample collection an interesting lo-fi character.

Hardwarejam Demo

The background textures of this jam have been made using the sounds in this pack.

Content of the samplepack

In total "Sounds from the Wrist" contains 177 one-shot samples taken from 4 different scenes:

01 The Barber (42 one-shots samples)

02 The Bathroom (26 one-shots samples)

03 The Computer Session (73 one-shots samples)

04 The Shower (36 one-shot samples)

The samples can be used with all samplers like Digitakt, Polyend Tracker or within every popular DAW. Listen the Demo in the gallery!

Download Samplepack

You can get this pack in my store or, when you purchased one of the memberships, (single 1:1 sessions are excluded) you can download it right here (after login).

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