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Join 59 Perlen for a studio live session

Some time ago, I asked you on YouTube if you‘d like to see more track deconstruction videos. The response was pretty clear and many of you guys have been interested to get some insights.

Now, Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to record a new breakdown yet - I simply haven't had the time due to my releases and projects. But since I would like to share my knowledge anyway, I will do studio sessions with you on a regular basis from now on! The stream will be live and you can ask me your questions during the session. The recording will of course be available after the stream as well in case you can’t make it to the live.

The first studio session will take place on Friday the 26.2. at 4 o'clock CET on my YouTube channel. During the session, I will build up a Digitakt pattern from scratch, and the following Sessions will be every Wednesday at 8pm CET.

I'm looking forward getting your feedbacks and seeing you there ❤️

If you'd like to reminded, you can check the YouTube page and acitvate the reminder. Or subscribe to my mailing list to get notifed!

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