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Taking a break until August 15

Hi readers!

The past few months have been a busy time full of interesting moments and events that I have been privileged to share with you. Thanks so much - for spending time with me during the online sessions, reading my newsletters and listening to my music! It was such a pleasure.

However, I feel that a moment has come to pause a little, recharge my batteries and collect some energy for new projects and activities.

Therefore, I am taking a summer break until 15 August. I won't be producing any new jams, doing any live session or publishing blog articles or Social Media posts during this time. If possible, I will withdraw from social media in general, but that's difficult for me :D I will therefore comment here and there and I've always an open ear for your messages.

If you've purchased a "Digitakt Class" Membership or a Coaching package, I will of course be available for session bookings, answering questions and giving you feedbacks.

59 Perlen future plans

And while we're on the subject, I can also tell you right away that after my time off, it will continue with very cool news! As already announced earlier, I am working on a 2nd Digitakt course, which will be published by the end of August. The course is specifically focussed on sound design and includes the features of the Digitakt 1.30 update as well.

I will also use the next weeks to learn to master my new piece of gear, the Octatrack. I started working on something entirely new with it and I'll have a super big anncouncement later in September for you guys.

Last but not least, the YT Live Sessions will continue! Save the date: the first one after the break is on 18 August at usual 8pm CET.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and wish you a great summertime!


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