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The Digitakt Challenge: a Minimal House track with only one sample [Free Download]

Have you ever made a complete track with only 1 sound? I did! Even it's quite challenging, but this week's Wednesday studio session was exactly about that! I made a Digitakt track entirely with one single sample! The sound was a recording of some pigeons and all the track elements are based on that, even the synths.

Thanks to some tips of my cool guys who have been with me in the live chat of the session (shout to Maik, Andreas, Jasper, interference fringes, ObscurSounds and Liam), the track got pretty sweet - kinda experimental style for 59 Perlen, but still, I love it. Some said it sounds like "being at a horror dentist" 🤣😂

Download the Digitakt Dawless track for free

I made a beautiful artwork for this inspiring track, showing some - well - pigeons! You can download it now for free in the music section of my website.

Enjoy and let me know what you think below 🥳

I would also love to see other producers joining this challenge, it get's you very creative. Are you in?

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