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Download my music for free or pay whatever you want

For some time now, I started my own distribution channel by offering tracks for direct purchase on my website. As of today, however, I have adjusted the formerly fixed price - fans can now pay what they want. If someone doesn't want to or can't pay anything, that's fine as well.

I am happy to make my music permanently available to many more fans with this additional step!

Easy downloads without registration

The download works super smooth and without the need for registration! First, go to the releases section of the site. Next to each track or album you will find "Download" links. If you click on it, a window like the one in the first picture will open. There you can decide if and how much you want to pay for the download.

To get the file you must enter an e-mail address, to which the link will be sent. Finally, you can pay by credit card or Paypal (payment is processed securely via Wix Payments) if you decided to pay for the music.

It is also interesting that no commission is deducted from the sales revenue generated via my website :) Can you imagine how it is with the hotels usually offer you to book a second visit directly with them, as the commission is omitted and they can still offer cheaper rates.

Why don't you try it out? You have nothing to lose :) Let me know if it works and happy downloading!

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