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Polyend Tracker Dubhouse Jam (plus project file)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Hey folks! Here’s another dawless Polyend Tracker song. For this dubhouse track, I started exploring the Song mode of the machine in detail and focused less on the performance aspect of the song. It’s really amazing how easy it works.

Beside the gear exploration, my primary goal was to create an instrument that uses the glide effects of the sequencer. In particular, I use a simple pad sample that plays in granular mode. The grain position is constantly modulated by the LFO (that causes the variating gain factor of the instrument).

Hope you gonna like my little Sunday jam! I titled it “The wind chimp in the hippie village”. You can download the project file here:

2 the wind chime in the hippie .it
Download ZIP • 1.93MB

Polyend Tracker Video Course

Want to learn how to make a full song with Polyend Tracker? Check my video course and make tracks soon!

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