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Reaction summary to the release of "When Left Alone"

Since my album "When Left Alone" came out on Feb 29, I have received numerous comments and insane support from the community. I am so touched about it that I have collected the best of them in this blog post. Some of the tracks could also place themselves in quite big Spotify playlists which I listed as well.

Interview with MinimalMag

But let's start with a great interview, to which the MinimalMag from Berlin had invited me. If you're new to my fan community, you can learn a bit about my background and my setup. And for those who already know me, I talked a bit about my future plans.

Social Media reactions

I got some really great comments about my live performance and the Album.

Frazer Brown wrote on BandCamp:

"This LP is an absolute marvel. Subconscious beats and dubby bass being engulfed in swathes of evolving, textured synth work. It's house music, but not as we know it."

Klangstub-E wrote on YouTube:

"Great 🙌🙌🙌 The shots in the background really catchen one and let you no longer go👍 To the music must say nothing more anyway. Deep, chill, cool🤙"

Maik Robin on YouTube:

"Really very successful! Have extra waited until I had time to pull me the whole thing with headphones ...!!! Amazing what you get out of the DT always, and then the great background..hats off ;)"

DJ Krostif on BandCamp:

"Masterpiece of dub techno music. A gold treasure for the soul and the mind."

Thanks to these guys and everyone else who engaged and supported this release!

Playlist placements

The track "Worthwhile" got placed in some nice Minimal House Spotify playlists, check them out they are really good playlists:

Summer, Sunset, Miami, Ibiza, Party, Chill, Deep, Tropical, House, Sunrise, Edm

Best Melodic Techno, Melodic House, Best Afterhour Songs, Melancholy Techno

Electronic Music - Electronic Dance Music - New Electronic Music - Electro House Musi

Get the Album here

"When Left Alone"was released on Shady Ridge Records and is available on selected streaming services, Bandcamp and you can buy it directly on as well.

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